YANG restores Lung & Kidney energy, balances hormones, reduces phlegm
Product Source: Farmers Market, Fresh Market, Super Market, Fish Vendor


INGREDIENTS                                SUBSTITUTE

500g Fennel fresh (raw) Cabbage white
200g bay Shrimp fresh Lobster or Crab meat
2 Turnip peeled, cooked and sliced Chinese Yam white same preparation
1 generous portion Dill fresh Garden herbs
1 medium Onion red sliced Shallots sliced
3 tsp Olive Oil Oil
3 tsp Rice Vinegar Lemon Juice
3 tsp Eggless Mayo Mayo or Yoghurt
1 Dash Salt & Pepper  
1 Lemon zested Lemon Pepper

Split the Fennel lengthwise and slice into Mayo or Yoghurt stripes. Use some of the green stalk if not woody. The more green Fennel “hair” you add the lesser you need to substitute with fresh Dill. Cook the peeled and sliced Turnip until soft (not more than five minutes). Add all ingredients together and chill in the fridge. This is a super easy dish, making a fun dinner in late summer or a healthy meal for anyone afflicted with seasonal flu symptoms.


Fennel was respected by the Ancient Greeks and was documented in many recipes by Pliny, who believed strongly in its medicinal properties. The Roman woman used it as a galactogogue, a substance which increases a mother's milk supply. Fennel's potential to aid in breastfeeding is today established with the content of flavonoids and coumarins. Fennel is indigenous to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Spread throughout Europe by Imperial Rome it eventually found its way to India. This main ingredient in distilling absinth, was taken to the US by colonists

Fennel is anti-inflammatory and aids the immune system through reactively counteracting inflammation; it is diuretic and detoxifies the organism by stimulating the production of urine and eliminates toxins through the urine. Noted for it’s choleretic reputation it aids digestive functions by increasing the liver's production of bile. It's anti-microbial and has actions against a range of bacteria as well as various fungi and yeasts. Traditional Chinese medicine includes the use of fennel for gastroenteritis, hernia, abdominal pain, for a calming effect on bronchitis and coughs, and to open nasal passages and to resolve phlegm. It slows the progress of glaucoma. Fennel powder keeps fleas away. The tea of Fennel seeds is a good remedy for hypertension.

Shrimp is the whole body or meat of many kinds of freshwater shrimp such as shrimp which belongs to long arm shrimp or prawn. It is a tonify Yang food.
Supports healthy kidney function (aphrodisiac), tonify blood and reduce dryness of body. TCM recommends it to counteract deficiency of kidney essence, impotence, spermatorrhea, frequency of urination, loss of libido, pain and weakness of waist and knee, deficiency of blood and energy, deficiency of milk after delivery or have no milk at all.

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