About TCMchef Raphael

The cornerstone to TCM Chef Raphael’s culinary genius is mixing two traditions: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Traditional French Cuisine.

We all have a desire for healthy living, but surrounded by synthetics and living in a polluted world, we realize we must change.

The origin to his unique passion started after this Swiss Culinary Graduate visited Southern France where through a chance encounter with the French Culture Minister, Jaques Lange, he cooked at the Palais Royal in Paris!

TCMchef Raphael

Raphael’s Buddhist upbringing early on familiarized him with a deep-rooted respect for the five elements and the powers that nature offers us.
After being invited by Asia’s most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine research Pharmacy, Eu Yan Sang Int., he trained and successfully launched the world’s first TCM fusion French restaurant in Singapore.

Today Chinese Medicine is a well-respected treatment worldwide to aid physical and mental health as it has for thousands of years.

With small changes, everyone can recondition their immune system. Old and young can adjust their wellbeing and longevity.

Unlike modern medicines, these old methods have been studied on millions of people with no toxic side effects.

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My philosophy is to individualize your treatment. This website is designed to provide you with lifestyle and food suggestions in response to your quest in achieving a healthy balance and prevent, correct or adjust to illness.

Modern TCM structural diagnosis is based on your medical condition and my guidance with utilizing natural resources and osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT).