TCM Learning Book

TCM celebrity chef Raphael Gamon developed a world first Traditional Chinese Medicine cookbook that fuses the 3000 year old Asian wisdom with French Cuisine. This self-study book is designed for anyone curious about TCM or in need of adjusting their diet, their health and learning to manage their wellbeing and longevity through food. TCM in modern Asia is an important lifestyle and a trending discovery in the Western world. This book carefully presents established Asian wisdome with scientifically supported knowledge. A beautiful introduction to TCM from the perspective of a chef. Chef Raphael Gamon, a culinary graduate from Switzerland, studied in South East Asia and designed this self-study book to guide anyone to comprehend the earthly powers available in all we consume, physiologically and psychologically. Filled with simplified information, full color graphics and beautifully illustrated recipes, the TCM learning book will be a jewel amongst your culinary cookbook collectables.