Keto Diet is not a diet! Keto Diet does not work for long-term weight loss…

I know it’s difficult to embrace: So I will repeat it: NO, do not attempt a Keto Diet as a weight-loss trend, especially a “wishy-washy” diet that requires you to shop packaged products with “keto” stamped all over the plastic labels… Keto is eating 90% fresh ingredients, and it is dangerous if done incorrectly.  You will merely shock your liver into believing you are going on a weird fasting trip, and as soon as you stop Keto, your body will super-store fat cells to prepare for the next shocking fasting trip…

Although highly commercialized, the average human body cannot cope with being in a ketonic state for more than eleven weeks.  Liver acid imbalance, blood-sodium dip, and high cholesterol aside; DO NOT attempt this trend with any conditions involving pancreas, liver, thyroid, or gallbladder: A Keto YoYo trip can cause you to develop kidney disease, kidney stones, muscle loss, and nutrient deficiencies.

If you’re still interested in doing it correctly: please read my blogs about KETO before diving into this rigorous diet. Have a valuable reason why you need to attempt this journey. Everything else is just trying to sound “influential” in social media for a few weeks; because your best friends are on the same fashion trip!

Please speak with your medical professional before you consult me for a personalized recipe selection.


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