Eskimos are true pescatarians. The word is a neologism. It is documented that Pythagoras was an  “anti-creophagite” or “anti-creophagist” (anti-flesh eater). But he consumed white fish. The vegetarian diet is documented as far back as his time for eating healthy. Clearly, living in those days, any slaughter or religious offering would have been a food deterrent to many. It’s much easier today when shopping for twice plastic-wrapped blood-free animal cuts. Fish or shellfish in its entirety seems not to be as revolting a concept when displayed dead in pretty rows.

The Benedictine Monks lived a pescatarian lifestyle and left valuable indexes with complicated foods preserved, jarred and fermented, often fused with health-enhancing herbs. Within the fish-only diet, you can identify cultures and religious concepts adapted to eating seafood because anything else that “conceives” would be corrupt and henceforth unworthy of being consumed. This invites for pondering; luckily, humans are not worthy a food source… Besides today, fish can be identified as male and female… and yes, the bee on the flower story must have sprung in those days!

Eating a fish/vegetarian diet is ideal for most health and lifestyle adjustments from a TCM perspective. For people living in areas where fresh marketplace choices are limited, the protein source from seafood provides an important food choice. Fish vs. meat attracts a milder digestive process with lesser strong enzymes. It is faster absorbed in the human body and less stress on the digestive tract, yet, more protein, minerals and nutrients are absorbed compared to meat.

Depending on what health path you adopt, it is important to understand that muscles nourish the kidney and liver, shrimp is warming, eel help with lung tissue, and redfish can balance body temperature. Fish have to be eaten in the correct combination with other foods, even more so than meat, dairy, and egg.  Shrimp, in combination with alcohol, is dangerous. So are persimmon and shellfish or spinach and soybean (oxalate ). The oxalate calcium would form insoluble sediment inside your stomach if you consumed them together.

In general, Pescatarian is an ingenious way to manage a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Even if you only consume fish once a week, add a little hard cheese and an egg once in a while!


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