Energy is the motor of all human activities. All human activities are the function of energy. When energy is disordered, it interrupts the harmony between all organs. As simple and logical as it sounds: We rarely embrace this fact when consuming foods!

In a simplified understanding, the lack of heart energy (YIN) is expressed in pale skin, shortness of breath, excessive perspiration, weak pulse, and a tongue (lips) with no color. General weakness of the heart is expressed in insufficient digestion, which results in neurosis and anemia. Lack of sufficient or healthy blood result in low fiver, night sweats, dry skin, a red zygoma, and the tongue could be red.

In this case, treatments aim to tone up energy.

Excess energy manifests itself in energy sluggishness or stagnation: Energy should travel throughout the body without difficulties. The cause of excess energy can be from external factors: injury, emotional stress, and irregular eating. This affects the stomach (swelling), the chest (pressure) and hinders the small intestine from absorbing nutrients.

Promoting the flow of energy will, in return, support the digestive tract, reduce swelling of the breast, the belly, and how the skin appears. Foods can help blood circulating effectively.

Our Blood (Heart), Spleen and Kidney are closely related because they transport liquids, filter unneeded pathogens, and support the distribution of vital essence.

It’s complicated, and I can entertain you for days with the red Element; about the color of blood, energy stagnation, hot-blooded symptoms, depression, blood stasis, menstrual cramps, inflammatory eruptions, clots, and why you have sudden nose bleeds…

If you remember that red foods nourish your blood, small intestine and alleviate a chain reaction of skin problems… I’ve achieved my goal!

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