The Kidneys are in charge of the growth, reproduction and maintenance of the metabolic balance of water. They are closely related to the Lungs, Spleen and Liver. Healthy Kidneys result in the growth of healthy bones (softness/hardness). Our teeth are the extension of bones. Osteoporosis, loose teeth (falling out) are due to deficiency of kidney energy.

Insufficient liver and kidney activity (Yang deficiency) will reflect in lumbago, dizziness, and being hasty and jumpy. No kidney function = no libido!

Disharmony between the kidney and the heart often reflects insomnia, palpitations, lumbago, and susceptibility to infection (pyelonephritis). The back of your tongue and your ears reveal if your “filter system” is working efficiently.

In TCM, issues with the kidney most often affect the bladder and manifest in ear infections or ringing and vertigo. Bladder problems (UTI) can infect the kidney or disrupted blood health (urosepsis). As with most inflammations or infections, reducing sugar consumption or add food items high on antibiotic properties is important!

I realize how vague the above simplified basic TCM medical views read: To adjust lifestyle changes to guarantee a successful outcome requires respecting the basic harmonies of our organs and correctly attributing what one achieves with smart food choices.

Foods that nourish the kidney/bladder system are often salty, fish, seaweed and fruits or produce of dark color, like blue cabbage, blackberries, avocados, eggplants, chestnut and black beans. There are exceptions, like the Chinese white Yam (dark brown on the outside) from the family of the Morning Glory – Not to confuse with sweet potatoes (red yams), nightshades related to tomatoes and potatoes. That’s not a distinction commonly known in the Western world.

While specifically eating for kidney health, do not chuck down iced drinks, especially during main meals. Drink 30 minutes before or/and after. All artificial sweeteners and most “natural” flavors are unhealthy: They have been shown to interfere with kidney and bladder health. If you suffer from kidney stones, void meat, egg, beet, chocolate and spinach until they’ve passed!

Lastly: No, Celery Juice in copious amounts does not detox your kidneys, nor does it doubtfully have any medicinal benefit… Any attempts to gobble down fiber-free juices (especially ten minutes after being exposed to oxygen) are aimless health exercises… But heck, it hydrates! Before you drastically change your diet, communicate with your doctor about your food changes.

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